Daytime Events – LED Video Screen or Projection?

Each year we get calls about showing sporting events or graduations on the big screen. If the event is at night we can connect most cable feeds to our projection equipment, but what if it’s in the day? LED Video Screens, Projection or move the event indoors

The sun is a lot brighter than a projector so there are a couple of choices.

Choice One – DVR and show it at night

Record the big game and show it at night. This was popular during the World Cup with the games being during the day. With social media and media coverage it can be extremely difficult to avoid the result.

Choice Two – Find an Indoor Location

This could be a big barn, multipurpose room or other large venue.  If the room has windows that can be covered your image will be much brighter.

Choice Three – The Daytime Rear Projection Screen

These look like a large inflatable box, the projector goes inside the large inflatable. The image is projected on a surface view-able from the outside. From the screens I have seen in action these are large (with a fairly small view-able area) and the image is washed out.

Choice Four – LED Video Screen

LED video screen in the rain in Portland, OR Outdoors during the day. Live stream of a concert.
LED video screen in the rain Portland, OR

Not the cheapest option, the best option for your daytime outdoor event. Multiple LED panels are connected together and, through a signal processor, your image is displayed on the screen.

LED screens are the only viable option for daytime events outside.

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