Silent Cinema with Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco headphones are a great way for event planners to adhere to City Noise Ordinances and will allow your event to run late into the night.

Wireless Headphones AKA Silent Disco Headphones enable everybody to have the perfect level of sound. Including the neighbors.
Silent Cinema with Silent Disco headphones

“Sound level is a constant battle for guests, hosts, event planners and neighbors. Wireless Headphones enable everyone to have the perfect level of sound… including your neighbors”

Wireless headphones enable multiple sound tracks at a time.  This could include music, a live DJ, or even the soundtrack in multiple languages.

No Big Speakers?

A traditional outdoor movie events setup can take a while, as cables for carrying sound and power need to be run. 50 lbs speakers on stands are usually placed by the screen.

Silent Cinema using Silent Disco headphones removes this requirement and can make setup faster.

What is involved in setup?

Silent Disco headsets are usually 2 to 5 channels. Each channel has a transmitter with an RCA input for sound. You can connect directly from your media source (like a laptop), or through a sound mixer.

I only have a movie… What should I do with the other channels?

I recommend transmitting the movie on all channels, as the event host you will have less questions like “why can’t I hear the movie?”

Guests control sound level

Silent Disco / Silent Cinema Headphones showing volume, power and channel switches

Ever been to a movie and it was just too loud? With Silent Cinema using Silent Disco headphones each guest has control over their sound. Therefore they can control their own movie experience.

Speak to your friends

Have you ever been to a movie and the person next to you is talking loudly to their friend? With Silent Cinema they can simply take the headphones off and have a conversation, without having to yell.

How much does it cost?

Renting Silent disco headphones for your event you can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $15 per set depending on how many you rent (most rental companies require 25 headphones or more).

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