LED Screen in the Rain – Event Highlight

To enable daytime events we have added LED screen, this allows an image to be viewed during daylight hours. This is perfect for sporting events and graduations.

We were hired to provide a LED Screen to view the live stream of a concert.

LED Screen at  Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR
LED Screen at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR

The LED Screen setup

A concern when doing a live stream is your internet connection speed. I inform my clients to avoid public or shared networks, because if you have a large event lots of people may be trying to access that same network. I request a wired connection, and thankfully the people at the venue provided a rock solid connection.

The LED panels we were using were IP rated, however due to how much rain was forecast a tent was erected over where the screen was to be placed (water and power don’t mix well).

LED screens require power and depending on size, lots of it. We ran the event off 4 circuits. It is important to clarify with your client that a dedicated circuit and an outlet are not the same thing. Pioneer Courthouse Square event staff understood the requirements and it made for an easy setup.

The Weather

Portland… It rains in Portland. Even though the event was in May… It rained.

Happy crowd in the rain of Portland watching a live stream of a concert on an LED screen

The Event

As we got close to show time, despite the rain, the crowd grew (around 400 people). The concert The Mirror’s Keeper was a mixture of classical and opera, on the QSC speakers the sound was clear and crisp. The LED Screen provided a bright image even during the day.

Brody the Bernese Mountain Dog

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