The Proposal by the Bay

When my nephew confided that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend when visiting California,  I started to think about the various locations around Northern California that would fit the bill.

The idea of the one car drive-in is something that I have thought about for a while. I finally had the chance to help create this experience. He loved the idea, so we started to plan.

With help from his brother, a great movie trailer/slide show was created to be played before the question was asked.

Setting the scene

Having an old VW and an outdoor movie company I had the tech, but to really set the scene we needed two more things. Sound and an amazing location.


I have a variety of speakers but they were all a little large and ugly for what we were trying to do. Laptop speakers really didn’t set the scene.
Enter Detroit Diecast, old style drive-in movie speakers from the drive-in era, but with a modern twist, they are Bluetooth, so would connect to the laptop without cables.


The family took a drive around the Bay Area, looking for that perfect spot. The view from Tilden was amazing, Berkeley Marina wonderful but nothing had a view of San Francisco like Treasure Island and I knew just the spot.


Mersea is a great little restaurant, built out of containers on Avenue of the Palms. After talking with the owner Meesun our plan was in place.

Get me to the Proposal on time

I faked a call that I needed to staff an outdoor movie event. I grabbed my nephew and we set off to set up, with the girlfriend to follow with my wife later.


They arrived just as the sun was setting over San Francisco. An epic view.
The video was played, a knee was dropped and the answer was yes!


We left the happy couple to enjoy dinner at Mersea .
A night to remember.
Thanks to Meesun and MerSea for providing the epic location (go check it out).

Real Estate Pros: Here Are 5 Irrefutable Reasons Why You Must Host An Outdoor Movie Night In Your Neighborhood (Before Your Competition Beats You To It)

Nothing says community like an outdoor movie night under the stars. 

Movie night in the fog

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are over 1.3 million licensed real estate agents in the United States.

How are your customers finding you? More importantly, how are you standing out amongst your competition?

If you’re in the real estate game you know competition is stiff. It’s not about prospecting for listings anymore – today’s homebuyers and sellers are looking for community experts.

A top real estate professional knows the neighborhood. They’re recognizable because they plug in. Who wouldn’t want to work with the agent that sponsors the local high school football team?

So you already sponsor a few local teams. Great! Sponsorships are one way to give back to your community (and the football team needs your help), but isn’t that what your competition is doing?

It’s time to think bigger!

What if we showed you how to headline a massively successful community event? Yes, you! It’s easier and more affordable than you think.

Here at FunFlicks Outdoor Movies, we know a thing or two about successful community events. We know that movies are always a crowd-pleaser and we are experts at helping our clients craft the perfect movie night.

San Leandro Realtor Terry Martinez cooking burgers at a community Outdoor movie night
Terry Martinez BBQ at a community movie night

Here are five reasons an outdoor movie night under the stars is the ideal advertising strategy for your real estate business: 

  1. Movies are universal. Young or old, CEO or stay-at-home-parent, we all love movies. There is something magical about those opening credits unfolding on a giant inflatable screen. We are about to be swept away on an epic adventure and whether we laugh or cry (or both!), we know that we will be thoroughly entertained in a very special way. 
  2. Bringing the Community Together is Special. These are the moments our kids will remember forever. Families are busier than ever. Your event gives them the perfect excuse to drop the mobile devices, escape the TV and head outside for an old fashioned drive-in style experience – under the stars, without the cars! Add some fresh, hot buttery popcorn, popped right there on site. 
  3.  Your event is free for the community but priceless for you. Let’s face it: traditional movies are expensive. By the time you spring for a pre-movie dinner, tickets and popcorn, you can easily blow over $100. For what? To sit in the dark, separated by armrests and focused on the movie instead of each other. Your prospects would rather pack a picnic, spread out a blanket and relax under the stars. All courtesy of you! The payback? Customer loyalty and future business!
  4. Networking on your own terms. Nothing beats a community event for meeting and greeting your prospects. We all know that success in real estate is all about visibility and referrals. Maybe the Jones Family isn’t ready to sell now, but when it’s time they’ll remember you because your event was special, and even better – you pulled up a lawn chair and visited before the movie began. These personalized interactions will level up your business.
  5. You design the pre-movie entertainment. Want to support the local dance team? Maybe you’ll show a promotional video about your real estate office. Perhaps you are helping raise awareness for a local charity. Whatever your agenda…the floor is yours! You have a captive audience that is just waiting to be entertained. We provide the audio visual support for just about any pre-movie experience. Unsure? Let us help! We do hundreds of movie nights every year. 

Realtors face cutthroat competition. Stand out by giving back. Book your community movie night or multi-event summer movie night series today and let us help you be a hero in your neighborhood!

by Rebecca Shepard

Win an Outdoor Movie Night for your school!

School Movie Night Give Away
  1. Between now and March 17th nominate your school for this year’s movie night contest 
  2. Between March 18th – 31st, follow the link to our facebook page CLICK HERE and like the photo that has your schools logo.
  3. School logo with the most likes in the 2019 Win A School Movie Night album wins a movie night.
  4. Northern California Schools only

New Logo, New Site for FunFlicks Outdoor Movies

What do you think of our new logo?

FunFlicks is a growing network of individual business owners across the USA.  Recently, the ownership of FunFlicks national brand changed, during the process our website is being redesigned to enhance our service.

The website and individual pages may periodically be down during maintenance and the transition.  

For events in Northern California and Oregon, please feel free to contact me directly via phone at 1-844-556-6843 or

Get a Quote
San Francisco Bay Area
Northern California

The majority of local business owners (like myself) have not changed. 

I look forward to creating more memorable outdoor movie experiences with you in the future.


Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy

Silent Cinema at the 21st Amendment in San Leandro

We are pleased to be teaming up with our friends at 21st Amendment in San Leandro and MJZ events to bring you a series of Silent Cinema movie nights at the 21st Amendment.

Tickets include a Complementary drink, Photo Booth, Popcorn Bar, headphone rental and fun trivia before the movie.

Be excellent to each other! For a limited time, bring a friend to #MovieNight for HALF OFF. Use offer ‘Excellent Friends’ at checkout and Party On Dudes!

Wireless Headphone Parties are Now Available at FunFlicks Outdoor Movies Events (from our press Release)

FunFlicks Northern California is proud to offer outdoor movies with wireless headphone technology to provide the perfect outdoor film viewing experience.

Paul Jackman (The Outdoor Movie Guy) says “Sound level is a constant battle for guests, hosts, event planners and neighbors. Wireless Headphones enable everyone to have the perfect level of sound… including your neighbors”
Wireless headphones are a great way for event planners to adhere to City Noise Ordinances and will allow your event to run late into the night.
Wireless headphones enable multiple sound tracks at a time. This could include music, a live DJ, or even the soundtrack in multiple languages.
Paul says “If you need to speak with someone, take the headphones off and you can chat without having to yell over a loud sound system.”
FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies is the Nation’s leading provider of outdoor inflatable movie screen rental equipment and services. We pride ourselves in providing a truly cinematic experience almost anywhere. The Bay Area location of FunFlicks has been providing fun and affordable hosted movie events in Northern California and Oregon since 2009.

Event Highlight – Screening of USS Indianapolis The Legacy

There is a three minute clip in Jaws that tells the story of the USS Indianapolis from the view point of a ragged sailor Quint.

The USS Indianapolis The Legacy tells the story through 104 interviews from survivors, rescuers and family. A passion project by director Sara Vladic the story beautifully crafted.

Location, location, location.
Mare Island was the last port of call in the USA for the Indianapolis, the screening took place in the Mare Island Museum. We were surrounded by Navy artifacts, photos and a great big Old Glory.

Passion is infectious
Each group involved in the screening showed amazing passion in keeping the story alive for future generation.
Ryan from Mare Island Brewery called looking for a screen to air the documentary, his dedication to making this event special was evident, I was honored and happy to be involved. Both Ryan and Kent interest and love for Mare Island and its history are seen in their actions and, along with the museum are sure to keep its history available to all.

The Beer 
Funds raised went towards USS Indianapolis/Gwinn “Angel” Scholarship Fund. They even served a special Survivor’s Tale Pale Ale (“A specialty brew crafted for the USS Indianapolis Survivor’s Reunion on July 25, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana commemorating the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis”)

The Crowd
300 people plus at each screening were transported through the history of the Indianapolis, the crowd included many veterans.

Special Guests
After this screening had finished there was a Q&A. Included in the panel was Harold Bray, a survivor. A wonderful story teller, his additional insight added an emotional punch.

Sara Vladic (director) , Melanie Capacia Johnson, Harold Bray, Ryan Gibbons 

Harold Bray, survivor

Mike Emery, nephew of lost seaman holding a Purple Heart

Wonderful people, incredible film in a fitting location.

You can find the film here.

Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy

Screenagers Movie screening in Bay Area

We are providing our projection services, A/V equipment and blower less screen for a FREE indoor screening of Screenagers.
What is the movie about?
Screenagers is about the impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimize harmful effects and find balance. After seeing the film, people tell us that they feel more confident and better equipped to establish balance around screen time.
Where is it being screened?
Assumption School PTG is proud to bring Screenagers to our community. Please join us on Thursday April 27 at 7:00pm in the school gym. Discussion and strategies to help manage screen time in your household will follow the movie. Students and teens in 6th grade and above are encouraged to attend with their parents or guardians. This event is open to the entire community so feel free to spread the word in your networks.
Where can I get tickets?
Follow this link to reserve your FREE ticket:
Where can I find more information?
For more information about the film:
Popcorn and snacks will be available for purchase.

2016 Top 5 List for Outdoor Movies

Each year we calculate the most shown outdoor movies of the year. In addition we have highlighted 5 great events and 5 wonderful foods seen at our outdoor movie events.

FunFlicks Outdoor Movies - Most Shown movies of 2016

Most Shown\Top Movie for 2016

The force was strong, but not strong enough for this years top spot.

  1. Zootopia
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  3. The Sandlot
  4. Despicable me
  5. Night at the Museum



Honorable mention. This year Aladdin came out of the Disney Vault. It was great to see one of my favorite animated movies on the big screen again.

Aladdin at a Street Party outdoor movies event with FunFlicks
Aladdin at a FunFlicks event

Food, food wonderful food, glorious food

Top 5 food and snacks

  1. Ice-cream food truck from LA Salt and Straw… Yummy!
  2. Gorilla Grillers – a few years ago  had an amazing cheese steak. Great to see them again at Temescal Street Flicks.
  3. Fresh Churro –  Terry Martinez put on a great event every year for the community, she found a local Churro vendor who is amazing and provides them for her street party. So good..
Fresh Churros at a funflicks Outdoor Movie event
4. Zocoalos Coffee – Wonderful Halloween event in one of the gems of the East Bay, Zocalos Coffee house. Great coffee.
Halloween funflicks Photobooth at Zocalos Coffee House
Photobooth at Zocalo Coffee House

5. Our Popcorn – The FunFlicks employee diet. FunFlicks popcorn. No movie is complete without it.

Popcorn at a FunFlicks Outdoor Movie Event
FunFlicks Popcorn

    Memorable Events

    We run hundreds of movie nights each year,every event is special, we love what we do and enjoy all event. Here we highlight 5 of these great nights (that I personally attended).
    1. It’s a Wonderful Light we highlight all our services with a movie, video gaming, Photobooth, Hashtag Printer and popcorn. A wonderful Holiday event in Downtown San Leandro. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

      Just dance on a Large inflatable screen in Downtown San Leandro
      Just Dance in Downtown San Leandro
      Photo Strip from photobooth in Downtown San Leandro
      Photo Strip from Photo Booth

      2. Rise of the Sufferfests. Documentaries can feel dry if you are not immersed in the subject matter. Rise of the Sufferfests is a wonderfully crafted  documentary. What made these events special was the larger than life personalities in the documentary and the energy and authenticity of Scott Kneely.

        Large outdoor movie screen by lake Tahoe - Rise of the Sufferfests
        Rise of the Sufferfests in Lake Tahoe

        Scott and Friends – Rise of the Sufferfests

        3. Star Wars Screening of The Force Awakens with guest appearance by Daniel Logan (Who was the young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones).

        Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett) at a movie night

        501st legion making bunny ears

        4. Stand By Me – The Town of Brownsville OR is where the classic 80’s movie Stand By Me was filmed. Stand By Me day happens every year, this year was the 30th anniversary. After striking the event my son and I crossed the bridge (at about 1am).

          Bridge in Brownsville, OR used in Stand By Me

          Stand By Me screening in Brownsville, OR

          5. Tamascal Street Flicks – Great weekly film series put on by the Temecsal Business Association. Films all had a local Oakland flavor.

            Temescal Street Flicks - #Digitallifesmatter screening
            #digitallivesmatter at the Temescal Street Flicks

            FunFlicks screening in Temescal, Oakland

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
            Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy