The Proposal by the Bay

When my nephew confided that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend when visiting California,  I started to think about the various locations around Northern California that would fit the bill.

The idea of the one car drive-in is something that I have thought about for a while. I finally had the chance to help create this experience. He loved the idea, so we started to plan.

With help from his brother, a great movie trailer/slide show was created to be played before the question was asked.

Setting the scene

Having an old VW and an outdoor movie company I had the tech, but to really set the scene we needed two more things. Sound and an amazing location.


I have a variety of speakers but they were all a little large and ugly for what we were trying to do. Laptop speakers really didn’t set the scene.
Enter Detroit Diecast, old style drive-in movie speakers from the drive-in era, but with a modern twist, they are Bluetooth, so would connect to the laptop without cables.


The family took a drive around the Bay Area, looking for that perfect spot. The view from Tilden was amazing, Berkeley Marina wonderful but nothing had a view of San Francisco like Treasure Island and I knew just the spot.


Mersea is a great little restaurant, built out of containers on Avenue of the Palms. After talking with the owner Meesun our plan was in place.

Get me to the Proposal on time

I faked a call that I needed to staff an outdoor movie event. I grabbed my nephew and we set off to set up, with the girlfriend to follow with my wife later.


They arrived just as the sun was setting over San Francisco. An epic view.
The video was played, a knee was dropped and the answer was yes!


We left the happy couple to enjoy dinner at Mersea .
A night to remember.
Thanks to Meesun and MerSea for providing the epic location (go check it out).

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