Air Graffiti Wall

Air Graffiti Wall is an exciting, interactive experience creating virtual graffiti on a digital wall. 

Using Air Graffiti spray can on a projected brick background

So How does Air Graffiti work?

The Air Graffiti screen has a sensor, this detects when the laser spray can is pressed. The software then relates any motion to the screen.

Who’s Air Graffiti for?

People of all ages can enjoy the fun of creating fun images. With Air Graffiti spray cans you can create works of art, help promote a new product with branded screens, or just have fun. The interface is easy and you will be creating fun images in minutes.

Air Graffiti Wall setup in a warehouse for that urban feel
Air Graffiti Wall with uplights, green screen and additional image projection for the ultimate party

What else can you do?

With the addition on a green screen and a DSLR camera you can create a unique photo booth. Spray on a mustache or select one a the built in props to jazz up your image.

Cool picture… Now what?

The software allows you to print, save, share or email your creation. With the use of an HDMI splitter we can project the image onto another wall. I recommend using a fast Dye Sublimation printer.

The features the client gets to use can be crafted to enhance the experience. Want only a couple of options for backgrounds, you can do that. Need to logo every print with your company name, you can do that too.

Need to get the budding Banksy to speed up? You can limit the time for each creation.

I (Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy) love to create art, usually through photography or videography, however this was the most fun I have had in a long time.

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