Wireless Headphone Parties are Now Available at FunFlicks Outdoor Movies Events (from our press Release)

FunFlicks Northern California is proud to offer outdoor movies with wireless headphone technology to provide the perfect outdoor film viewing experience.

Paul Jackman (The Outdoor Movie Guy) says “Sound level is a constant battle for guests, hosts, event planners and neighbors. Wireless Headphones enable everyone to have the perfect level of sound… including your neighbors”
Wireless headphones are a great way for event planners to adhere to City Noise Ordinances and will allow your event to run late into the night.
Wireless headphones enable multiple sound tracks at a time. This could include music, a live DJ, or even the soundtrack in multiple languages.
Paul says “If you need to speak with someone, take the headphones off and you can chat without having to yell over a loud sound system.”
FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies is the Nation’s leading provider of outdoor inflatable movie screen rental equipment and services. We pride ourselves in providing a truly cinematic experience almost anywhere. The Bay Area location of FunFlicks has been providing fun and affordable hosted movie events in Northern California and Oregon since 2009.

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