Driveway Drive-in, A Social Distancing Outdoor Movie Experience in your car During Shelter in Place

During the shelter in place due to Covid19 we have been wanting to entertain our family. We have done multiple board game nights and time in front of the TV, but they were ready for a night out (which is not allowed under current restrictions).

With the many calls for drive-in movies during this time of social distancing. I needed to test the FM transmitter and other equipment required for doing a drive-in movie. A plan for a fun family “night out” was forming.

I grabbed the screen from our warehouse and set it up in the driveway with a projector behind the screen.

Using video presentation software we set up a preshow with fun 80s trivia and then a couple of cartoons before the main event.

Example of reshow slide with trivia
Fun Pre-show slide with 80’s Trivia

Drive-in movies allow social distancing as you stay in your car, so we invited some friends on our block to come watch the movie.

An FM transmitter allows you to broadcast on an available radio frequency. Using an FM transmitter we did not need to use speakers, we just tuned our car radios. I am sure the neighbors appreciated us not using loud speakers.

I added a fun slide to the preshow introducing the Drive-way Drive-in and showing what FM station to tune to.

The screen stands nearly 16 feet tall, with a surface of 12 x 9, a great screen size for just a couple of cars, this screen is usually used for backyard movie nights.

After popping some popcorn we were ready for the main feature, both families sat comfortably and safely in their cars and watch Jumanji. Listening to the soundtrack on their car radios.

My daughter said “Action movies to me are very enjoyable when watched on the big screen, this driveway drive-in was very fun and cool!”